Exchange markets

The fluctuation of any instrument on the stock markets ultimately depends on supply and demand. Increased investor demand for a particular instrument is likely to increase its value relative to the others. The decline in popularity and, consequently, prices occurs in the case of oversupply of this instrument in the exchange markets.  However, the causes of constant […]

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forex Forex for beginners

Forex for beginners, the basics

This article is intended for beginners in the field of foreign exchange transactions. Here we will very briefly look at what Forex is for beginners and what are its basics of work.  The success of trading in the Forex market is the main goal that every trader should be guided by. To achieve the maximum effect from […]

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 Hello, dear seekers of notes! Let’s talk about a concept like Forex. Many of course have heard this term, but not everyone has the right idea of ​​what it is and how it works. At the same time, everyone knows that money is made there, and this of course causes genuine interest among the majority!  As a rule, […]

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