What are the strategies in the Forex market?

 The article is designed for those participants who own the basic principles and understand the basics of the Forex market . The currency exchange offers several options for the trading process: in the long-term, medium-term or short-term. Each individual participant will have to choose a strategy individually. But before deciding on the Forex strategy, it is necessary to thoroughly examine […]

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Exchange forex strategies

Investing in securities, stocks, bonds

 Internet earnings, in most cases, are associated with work on any specific projects (sites) with the subsequent withdrawal of earned money to payment systems. But there is a slightly different way to make money – investing in securities .  The stock market is one of the tools to effectively invest money. Many people are wary of this place, because […]

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forex strategies

Forex Technical Analysis

In order to work in profit in the forex market, a trader must know all the tools used for analysis. One method is technical analysis. Some consider it an effective method. Some tend to think that technical analysis on Forex is not needed. But one way or another, traders spend it anyway. Let’s try to understand the details of technical […]

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