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Investing in PAMM accounts – what is it?

 Each of us sooner or later thinks about how you can improve your financial well-being. Someone for this is looking for a new job or improving their skills as a specialist, someone finds a profitable business in their favorite hobby. One of the methods gaining popularity today is investing , operations in the securities market and currencies. Consider one of […]

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Exchange markets

The fluctuation of any instrument on the stock markets ultimately depends on supply and demand. Increased investor demand for a particular instrument is likely to increase its value relative to the others. The decline in popularity and, consequently, prices occurs in the case of oversupply of this instrument in the exchange markets.  However, the causes of constant […]

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Exchange forex

Factors affecting the exchange rate, economic indicator

Like the stock market, Forex traders rely on two types of analysis: technical and fundamental. Technical analysis on the currency and stock market is the same: it is an analysis of price charts and indicators. Fundamental analysis is very different – if companies issue a number of financial reports, then countries produce a whole series of economic messages […]

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Exchange forex strategies

Investing in securities, stocks, bonds

 Internet earnings, in most cases, are associated with work on any specific projects (sites) with the subsequent withdrawal of earned money to payment systems. But there is a slightly different way to make money – investing in securities .  The stock market is one of the tools to effectively invest money. Many people are wary of this place, because […]

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